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Summer Fashion Pet Harness

Choose the Best Pet Harness for Your Pet From the Crawlpaw Online Store.

Flirty? Sophisticated? Athletic? However you describe your pet, we’ve got a custom-made pet collar or Harness for him or her.Ours dog harness Ultra-thin design is close-fitting and comfortable for summer wearing.Stylish styles make your pets very dazzling.

Here are the best gifts for pets this summer !

Pet Hair Clipper Electric Trimmer

Adjustable safe & sharp blades - carwlpaw grooming combs are contoured for the most skin-friendly grooming experience, and thanks to the precision-cut titanium blades, there's no uncomfortable pulling at your pet's hair.Just a safe, easy and comfortable grooming experience!

Extra Supportive Dogs Rear Leg Bandage

Your dog maybe hurt from a knee injury because it will jump all the way to the fence or garden and get hurt.If the dog suffers any of these injuries, it will need a leg guard.

This leg joint wrap can great relieve pain from injury or surgery,The effect of supporting the legs.Just wrap the wound and wrap it with our support dog leg guard to prevent licking and chewing.

DUDUPET Automatic Pet Feeder

DUDUPET Automatic Pet Feeder helps take care of your pet with customizable meal times and portions, based on your pet's age, weight, and activity, also have a 1080P HD wide-angle camera so you can see your pet anytime anywhere. Thus, your pet is fed regularly and feels safe, tightly connected with you via your voice recording as feeding calls even you're away.